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The founders of LA TechSpace paddling hard to reach new milestones.

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"What sets LA Tech Space's website development team apart is their ability to truly understand their client's needs and goals. They take the time to listen to their clients and work closely with them to ensure that their website accurately represents their brand to their target audience."
...So you can reach more students!

Get quality features and personalized designs to WOW your customers as a Course Crafter 💻

We are experts at developing websites and crafting premium design solutions for course creators. By providing personalized services, we enable educators to get the look and feel they want from their digital platforms.

Reach more students

What makes our solution so great? 💯

Forget about the cookie-cutter templates. We enable educators to take the classroom to the cloud.

Your in-house dev and design team 📝

Replace unreliable freelancers with our seasoned team with 20+ years in the tech industry.

Let us do the tech talking 👥

Share your knowledge and engage your students with branded course product landing pages— that aren't cookie-cutter.

Automate your payments 🔗

No need to awkwardly ask. We integrate with platforms to automate the work you don't want to do.

Educating beyond borders

You craft the course.
We do the tech.
Let's talk 💭

You have enough work figuring out the lesson plan. Let us handle your technology stack and automate the tedious.

What our customers are saying

"I had no idea what I was doing when I wanted to build my website. But, when I came across LA TechSpace, I knew I made the right decision. They were understanding of my website budget and provided different options that I could afford to still have an awesome website. They continuously educated me on exactly what my website needed in order to thrive and were extremely patient. Lastly, they were also very detail-oriented and kept everything on schedule and even finished everything ahead of schedule. I couldn't have asked for a better tech team and am still constantly referring people to work with them."

Kevin Matua


CEO & Founder of Made By Matua

"LA Tech Space's website development team is a group of highly skilled professionals who are committed to delivering exceptional results. Their attention to detail and dedication to their craft is evident in the websites they create, which are visually stunning, user-friendly, and optimized for performance. What sets LA Tech Space's website development team apart, in my opinion, is their ability to truly understand their clients' needs and goals. They take the time to listen to their clients and work closely with them to ensure that their website accurately represents their brand and effectively communicates their message to their target audience."

Cristina Arellano


CEO & Founder of My Career Space

"As a tech startup, we're blown away by LA TechSpace's attention to detail, speed to deployment, email, and sales conversion solutions that capture leads at multiple high-visibility media events. With their subscription plan, their team continuously adds features that grow our sales funnel with automatic email confirmations, SEO, and more. From guiding us on design options and scaling up our backend for customer volume, LA TechSpace is our fractional dev team that accounts for costs. Because of their work, we've gotten praised feedback from our major partners impressed with the deliverable. Highly recommend working with the team."

BIB Technologies


"I've been working with John and the LA TechSpace team for a year now, and have nothing but incredibly positive things to say about my experience with them. I've been playing in a band for years but recently decided to launch my own solo project. This included seamlessly weaving songs, videos, photos, and social media together on a single site. In addition, we'll be selling merchandise in the future, so we turned to LA TechSpace to help guide us through the seemingly endless e-commerce platform options. The team has always been highly responsive and precise with their output. I've changed my mind on more things than I can remember and the team always has patience with me + continues to work hard this long into our project."

Ryan Aurelio


"As a new small business owner, there are many things I am not knowledgeable on. There were times I had no direction and the stress of not having a plan yielded horrible results. When I was introduced to LA TechSpace, they took so much load off my shoulders and gave me great ideas to move forward in my business! They assisted me with my vision and built a website for me that not only looks amazing, but allows me to have a greater reach to my audience. Almost anything I need, they help me reach my goals and further my success. I don’t know where my business would be without them."

John Clement ( a.k.a Coach DC)


CEO & Founder of DCA Performance

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You have questions? We have answers.💡

From A to Z: Answers to Your Top Classroom Questions

How much does your service cost?

Think of us as part of your team. You pay monthly for the work done on your digital efforts, and we'll make sure it stays in tip-top shape. Now you can accurately budget for your online presence and have a dedicated team working on your website and digital marketing efforts. Spend less time on those technical issues and more time helping your customers!

How long does it take to develop a website?

It's like baking a cake, you can't rush perfection. But on average it takes 4-6 weeks when all the assets are prepped and primed, unless you want a fancy multi-layer cake then it may take a bit longer.

How many projects do we get?

Our plans include one project per client. However, if you have multiple exciting businesses or ideas you want to work on, then we offer custom packages that we can tailor to your needs.

Can I customize the services included in my monthly subscription?

Of course, we're not like those one-size-fits-all department stores, we'll tailor our services to fit your business's unique needs.

Why do you work with course crafters?

We want to work with individuals who want to make an impact on the world and provide them with high-quality digital support. It's hard enough to get your message out there and in front of the right set of eyes; we want to enable educators to focus on their craft while we focus on ours.

How can I get a free website review?

Submit your website and goals through our contact form. If you're feeling adventurous, you can send a carrier pigeon with the information.