The founders of LA TechSpace paddling hard to reach new milestones.

LA TechSpace

LA TechSpace started at a Mammoth Ski Lodge when co-founders, John and Nana, discussed their shared passion to help local businesses launch and scale their digital presence.

After years of consulting and building one-off client projects, they realized that local businesses had fragmented tech - often cobbling services together with contractors until contacting a tech professional to rebuild.

So with a combined 20+ years of experience working across multiple tech industry giants, and talented colleagues, LA TechSpace was born to support fellow entrepreneurs to pursue their American Dream.

Where are you based?

Our core team is based in Long Beach, California and we work remotely with clients across all US Time Zones.

Why is your logo a duck?

Because in the early days of software industry (1990s), programmers used to carry around a rubber duck and when they run into a problem (aka bug), they would talk with the rubber duck to figure out the root cause of the problem.

As your tech advisors, we are here to listen, champion, and translate your ideas into technology solutions for your business.

What's your photo about?

Our two co-founders paddling really hard on a company retreat in the pacific northwest. You a duck paddling really hard underneath the surface. You can always count on us to go the extra mile.